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·        How do you know if your lawn isn’t getting enough water?  Look for these signs:

o        When lawn is dry and in need of a drink, the blades of grass will curl or fold and the color will change from rich green to a dull blue-green.

o        Take a stroll across your lawn in the morning.  If you can see your footprints remain for more than a few second, your lawn is in need of a good watering. 


·        Grass needs a lot of water.  It takes about an inch of water to penetrate six to eight inches of soil.  Set out a shallow dish to measure just how much water your lawn is getting.


·        Just because it rains don’t assume your lawn has received enough water.  Passing showers often don’t provide the one-inch of water necessary to penetrate deep into the soil.


·        If your lawn doesn’t get enough water, you encourage shallow root growth.  Grass with shallow root growth is subject to drought damage, require ever more frequent waterings and allows weeds to establish at the surface.


·        The best time to water is early in the morning. There is usually less wind, temperatures are moderate, and there is less chance for diseases to get established.


·        Watering in the afternoon is the worst time of day to water your lawn.  Up to half the water can evaporate in the air or on the ground during the hot part of the day.


·        Did you know …

o        The first garden hoses appeared around 400BC and were made out of ox gut.  The first European garden hoses emerged in 1672 in Amsterdam and were made of leather.

o        According to the National Gardening Association:

§         Eight out of ten U.S. households (78%) or 84 million households participated in lawn and garden activities in 2003, one of highest levels of participation seen in the past 5 years.

§         Consumers spent an average of $457 per household on their lawns and gardens in last year.

§         Consumers spent a total of $38.4 billion on their lawns and gardens in last year. Over the past 5 years, total lawn and garden sales have increased at a compound annual growth rate of 5%.


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