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HoseWell™ stores unsightly garden hoses underground; creates attractive landscape



WISCONSIN DELLS, WIS, October 2004—For those homeowners wishing their garden hose would disappear, the HoseWell™ may be the product of their dreams.  The HoseWell™, a compact product that allows homeowners to store their garden hoses out of sight on a reel that is concealed underground, is the next phase of lawn tool storage.  A simple lift, twist and swing of the reel makes the garden hose ready to use again. 


The HoseWell™ is a “well” with a reel inside that neatly fits into a 10 ˝” by 20” hole underground.  The HoseWell’s™ reel features exclusive 360° dispensing and retrieval of your garden hose, allowing you to easily pull it in any direction you need.


The well is made of an environmentally safe, weatherproof high-grade plastic well that stores the garden hose underground.  A low profile cover sits even with the ground and tops off the well.  The lid comes in three colors (stone, taupe or green) to match any landscape.  Because the HoseWell™ is weatherproof, you can store your HoseWell™ and garden hose year round underground—no more hauling it in and out of your garage, tool shed or basement.


According to Steve Kowalke, co-creator of HoseWell™ and an electrician who made house calls, he knew there had to be a better way to store garden hoses. 


“I saw beautiful homes with unsightly garden hose reels bolted to the front of the house.  I’ve also seen stand-alone garden hose reels that were broken or not even being used because they didn’t work properly.  Sometimes what makes a lawn or garden beautiful is what you don’t see.  HoseWell™ takes unsightly garden hoses and hides them from view so you can enjoy the natural beauty of your garden,” he said. 


According to Gary Kowalke, Steve’s brother and co-creator of the HoseWell™, “We wanted a product that we would want to use, so we put a lot of effort into creating a product that was made of quality material and that had features, like the well and dispensing mechanism that was different from other garden hose reels on the market.”


HoseWell™ is available for order through for $59.95.  HoseWell™ is also available for sale in Improvement, Gardener Supply and Grandin Road catalogs.  Look for it in garden supply stores in Spring 2005.   


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